I fight for my career, do you?

by phdscam

I can not ‘not take care’ of my career. No one else is looking after it. There’s no one out to ruin me but no one could care less about my career either. Your PhD supervisor doesn’t care about your career. She is only busy with her’s. Check back in few years.

Voluntary slavery is worse than death. Years of eating ramen noodles and painting yourself in a corner where nobody cares about your research and you don’t know what it means, is just what you know deep down, mortifying and downright crazy. You will have trouble in keeping a partner, family too. Who wants to share a dirt poor person?

If you can unlearn the junk you have learnt in grad school, you can chase a moderately good life, in REAL life.
While nobody has it easy in life’s battles, insisting on academia and begging to increase your salary will guarantee your ruination. There’s no constitutional guarantee of your ‘academic happiness’. Nobody cares, it’s a pity that you don’t either.