Free will PhD to your career grave

by phdscam

I feel vicereally of freedom of choice, just like you probably do. You as free human, be able to engage in activities that you so choose, that nobody but you should be able to dictate what you will do or have to do.

People have given lives for freedom of choice. Great and an essential concept we
all cherish.

Naive young students chose PhD for potential glory. It’s their own free will which ruins them. Academia is like a cult. Few religious leaders at the top get the glory. Rest of them are just peanut-getting slaves. Voluntary slaves are slaves too.

At the end of the day, only you suffer and nobody to blame. While we can’t argue for limiting freedom of choice, we can’t recommend either the mindset of savant like, bone-headed determination for doing PhD. Freedom of choice is good, you
have to be smart to have your choices work for you.