A shallow look at deep PhD life

by phdscam

PhDs like to think hard obsessively. How does this work? How this solution is sufficient enough proof? Can there be an alternative explanation? These are all good questions.

Problem is how long you persue them and for what purpose. PhDs made the gigantic mistake of asking those questions about their PhD topics and not about their careers.

Career is the only thing matters. You should do something because it helps your career. If it doesn’t then why are you working on this again? Why are you here?

For career, you have to justify your decisions, to yourself. Unlike entertainment, you can just about do anything. Two things don’t mix. If it mixes then you aren’t serious.

We have many articles in this blog about why not to do PhD and how these prime times can be used for much much fruitful career routes. Assuming 100k/year salary, value of 10 years is more than one million dollars.
Even if you are slightly idiot in money management skills, you will do better with this much money.

Wasting 10 years in academia and counting coupons in grocery stores will ruin you.

PS: We encourage reader stories. Authors have day jobs and we write only part time.