PhDs get treated as shit, because PhDs don’t leave

by phdscam

If you get treated as shit, you have options. Strongest of all, leave!

You don’t have to stay. There are plenty other places you can try out your luck. Just open a browser and google how much people get paid for what job. That’s a start and you can gradually do so much more. Even if you don’t do much more, you will survive well. If that fails you will have many more experiences and a story to tell.

Just don’t accept the shit thrown at you as inevitable.

PhD professors are abusers. Why do you tolerate the abuse? It’s your career, just don’t cry in dark and hope for that lab rat position to open up for you. Even if it were to open up, it’s a lab rat position eating ramen noodles. There’s no light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a graveyard.

For a PhD, it will take two years to detoxify you enough to live a life with a job. But you gotta start that.

Yes, you can have conviction, you can have dignity, you can have a better. You can and should say, ‘fuck you prof, I quit’