PhD: Publication doesn’t lead to job

by phdscam

Do you have a publication in a ‘good’ journal (science, nature) etc? Obviously you are pretty happy if you do have that. However, your happiness is ‘irrational exuberance’ given that so much effort you have put into it and after so many years that good publication means exactly zero. No one really want to hire you as they don’t understand the relevance of your particular thesis to their area and honestly you look bit of a moron to chase an esoteric subject for so long and now looking for a career in an irrelevant field. Reality doesn’t sink in easily as some PhDs’ end up doing postdoc… an insanity of gigantic proportions. Not only the postdoc is burying his career coffin in sand, it propagates the bad idea that postdoc is a career path. Yes, the almost invisible, walking dead postdocs will also look for ‘permanent positions’.. given that jobs are non-existent in academia, how is this fool’s hope help anyone?