Professor: Fraud X-mas

by phdscam

Are you getting x-mas holiday wishes from your professor? Trust not, they are wishes from the Fraud professor. All professors, without exception, knows how much time it might take for your PhD degree completion, yet, did they EVER tell you even in passing that it will take six years?
No, they did not. This is lying by omission, a dangerous and vile lie and omission, because, it hurts an inexperienced student’s career prospect, tying her with a 7 or 8 years useless degree. By the time you finish, you are unqualified to do any work and don’t have motivation to do any. You can’t retire, you haven’t started your career yet, don’t have any money and in extremely vulnerable shape. Do these Fraud professor care? NO, because he is hooked onto cheap labor for his fancy project which made such loser out of you.. the supposedly smart person wanting to be famous.
Yes, life is that bleak after PhD, there are scores looking for jobs and industry often know what to do with these supposedly smart people and academia clearly wants to abuse them, academia doesn’t have any job to begin with. One might open up in next ten years if you could bang your head on the wall. Have a merry X-mas or happy holidays if you prefer.