PhD: Voluntary indecision

by phdscam

PhD often feels like never ending limbo, especially after 2/3 years into the program. Science/engineering PhD entrants aren’t stupid in traditional sense, yet wander around the school pondering useless garbage research. Could have gotten out, should have gotten out but didn’t get out….sigh! When it comes to killing your career, PhDs do it best. You thought you were doing a good thing for “knowledge for humanity”.. Where did you get this garbage to fill up your head?? From professors, who has gotten license to talk nonsense. Talking about YOUR career is so unfashionable in graduate school, you don’t talk about it, while you SHOULD talk ONLY about your career. Is anyone looking up for your best interest? It’s either you or a non-existent person. Voluntary indecision will cost your time and eventually your career.