PhD: reader comments [5]

by phdscam

WARNING: Some graphic language. While phdscam authors don’t believe that graphic language is the best way to convey a message, catastrophic PhD experience may sometimes be shared using graphic language.

Here’s some real life quotes from a year in the life…”you’re wasting my resources”, ” your data is rubbish”, “you’ll never surmount to anything”, “of course I’ll get you funding” (lies. Lies everywhere), “I’m thoroughly disappointed in you”, “do you know how much that IP lawyer costs an hour?!”, “are you talking about that coloured boy?” (MORTIFIED! So you’re not just a useless supervisor, you’re also a racist a**hole!), “go set up a meeting with bleghybleghs” (doesn’t show up), “look at how ridiculously tired you look, you want to calm down working so hard”, “come see me at 7 [fucking] 30 on weekend” (doesn’t show),”go to a conference in place of me, I can’t make it”,”how was the conference? Oh rubbish was it? Thought so. That’s why I didn’t want to waste my time” (so you wasted mine instead. Nice), “of course there’s a job lined up for you! Come sign the contract”, (show up) “actually, there is no job” (here’s a free shrug to go with the time you wasted traveling 45mins on the bus to come here),”why don’t you give your samples made by you to [this person], so that [they] can get some funding sorted for themselves. [while I do bugger all to help you] “. And that’s when the magical middle fingers went up.
I’m still trying to fix the damage. I just hope there’s no permanent harm done.