PhD: The Adjunct Scam

by phdscam

‘Adjunct’ professor is a person usually without any pay. The ‘professor’ has PhD, few years of post-doctoral experience and she still is bankrupt and has no source of income. Why is she wasting time in academia then? Simple, she has nowhere to go.

Yes, these days, universities have very few permanent positions. Even the ones that are there, top tier universities like Harvard and MIT run a scam with them: hire 20 people on tenure track. These people give their best for five years and then you kick 19 of them out. After two years kick the other one too, repeat, and you have a business model of free labor. In short, ‘very smart’ PhDs get treated like dirt.

Still the scam goes on and on. Many still haven’t got the message. Naivety can’t be replaced by ‘smartness’. Many ‘wanna-be-PhDs’ want to do PhD research ‘just for fun’, with big unsaid hope of being able to get monetary reward (have you seen a professor turning down more money?) too. This is not happening for last 40 years and won’t happen tomorrow.

In other words, PhD and associated scams will continue in foreseeable future.