PhD: reader comments [3]

by phdscam

I am in my second year of the doctorate program at a reputed institute in the country. When I entered the program, I was lured into believing that I was capable of doing world-class, high-quality research. Two months into the PhD program and all my hopes dashed! My research supervisor subtly started changing the research topics. It so happened that before I presented my first annual progress report, I had switched from one area to another ten times, with no concrete, in-depth engagement with any of these topics. Even during the course work lectures, she left no stone unturned to humiliate me in front of other research students and kept using terms such as “childish”, “immature”, “juvenile” generously every time I met her for discussing the research project. I and another student under my research supervisor (who have fared exceptionally well in the undergrad and Masters level) prepared our research reports in a duration less than two weeks; as she changed the topic of our study without giving us an opportunity to voice our opinions two weeks before the report submission. On the other hand, she has been encouraging towards dumb students (who literally know nothing of the discipline and the topics they have chosen) and deliberately sidelines the bright students to lower their morale. Thankfully, we (me and the other student) managed to write the research progress report adhering to scientific standards in less than two weeks and got very good feedback from the panel. All this makes me think whether one really needs to do a slave job to get the PhD wok done when all one needs to do is ‘smart work’. Now, I realized why most of our undergraduate teachers were much more engaging than the ones whom I met at the grad school. However, things have not ended there. Even after the first progress report presentation, she has been acting nastily towards me and tries to create many hurdles in my path by deliberately misleading me. I am sick of this intellectual nonsense and am intending to quit the program soon. For all the bright minds out there, please NEVER, NEVER EVER, fall into this TRAP called the PhD. You certainly will lose your peace of mind and become a victim of your own thoughts! You can contribute a lot more to the world by doing much better things than doing a PhD! Don’t waste your time in this useless pursuit… Value what you have got in you and channeling your energies effectively!