PhD: The army of one (loser)

by phdscam

PhD students are on their own, do ‘research’, marking, teaching duties and collaborate with other authors of publications. Supervisor is only there to complain that you are totally incompetent and lazy.Why don’t you get fired then? Simple, you aren’t incompetent (supervisor lying), but research is hard. Although, if you WERE fired, it would have been excellent for your career, rather than being brain-damaged and be a slave for academia forever, you could actually have STARTED a career 8 years ago, and contemplate about retiring, have a home and a nice car.

Being mathematics/science smart is essential, but more important is life skill which should tell you how to have a career. This is a simple logic but a PhD wont convince herself of that, because, how can it be that simple? Well, doing a PhD is a choice (albeit a bad one), what ‘simple’ logic do you have to support that? Show some statistics if majority PhDs have succeeded to have a career that is fulfilling according to their standards.

Doing PhD means you have lost a battle, pushing for postdoc means you have decided to kill your career.