PhD: Position? What Position?

by phdscam

About 50% of the finishing PhDs go for postdoctoral studies (more studies and research), while getting paid almost like a graduate student salary. After one round of postdoc (3 years or more), these postdocs look for ‘positions’, usually assistant professorship or a laboratory scientist job. Both of these job types almost non-existent, even if you look into odd places in the middle of nowhere. Even in the case you find one, it will almost certainly be for ‘short term’ position, with no job security. Surprisingly after 2nd postdoc, many don’t get the message that they are dreaming of jobs in vacuum while there is none. 40+ old PhD with no job is no pretty situation to be in. Does academia care? Does your ‘mentor’ PhD supervisor care? NO, nobody gives a damn. Yet, a postdoc doesn’t get the point. Are you prepared to work in fast food restaurants? Work as a janitor? Hey, both of the jobs might pay you better than ‘adjunct’ (or junk) professorship. If you were to get an actual job leading to some career, do it now, as fast as you can before you lose your sanity entirely.