PhD: open and shut case

by phdscam

Former PhDs know full well, how demoralizing and  time waste the process can be. The articles in this blog will suggest that too, however, one may ask is it really that open and shut case? Before that, can anyone, aspiring to have a PhD not contemplate about a ‘meaningless’ vocation/career? It gets twisted at this point, what is ‘meaningful’? It’s easier to answer what is not meaningful.

Slaving in laboratories or dusty seminar rooms without the prospect of permanent job is ‘meaningless’ and disgraceful. It’s a recurring nightmare for those postdocs going through it. Worse than nightmare, it’s for real. You are in a trap, with almost without any hope of salvation. If you want a job outside academia, you are betraying hope of your ‘academic family’ i.e, professor doesn’t like losing a cheap slave. Once you have decided to leave this hell, you must convince your would-be-employer, what’s so great about the company that’s better than your cubicle in university. This part usually involves spin and some truth, you just can’t say, you like the idea of money and you are bankrupt for the last decade.
How many PhDs would be happy with this state of affairs?.. not many. Does anyone up in the academic food chain care about your career? Well, they don’t and nobody cares about your career, so far so good, then, why do you care about what your professor has to say about the direction of research, postdoc etc etc? You don’t? .. why are you here then and where’s your career going? Academia is hell for anyone, since govt. won’t pay any decent salary and jobs are non-existent, your complaints are like talking to your hand.
It is truly one of the most hellish place to be career wise.