Professors: the depraved supervisors

by phdscam

Hordes of young and some odd old naives get into PhD programs and each student gets one or more ‘supervisor’. The ‘supervisor’, who you think there is to guide you to discovery, is actually a trojan horse to destroy your career, to destroy your self-esteem. He will do all that in the name of ‘research excellence’. No real job pays that peanut money and no real job wants to enslave you for that long in the name of nothing. Unless, one believes in 1984-type double-speak (“slavery is freedom”), none in their right mind should go for PhD.

After 7 years of servitude in PhD program, professor suggests ‘wont you slave more in the name of research’?, i.e ‘go postdoc’. Professor has the chutzpah of asking you to annihilate your life, after killing your career in a prolonged PhD. You are literally bankrupt, but who gives a damn? You are a middle-aged weirdo with almost no future whatsoever.

Professor/supervisors are occasionally smart but dangerously and in a depraved way, against your well-being or career. He is not your career counsellor or lawyer – which you thought mistakenly he was. Professor is an older person with desire to abuse younger persons, one can call them ‘intellectual molesters’. You will do yourself a service if you are aware of these depraved monsters so that you don’t fall into their traps.