PhD: sickness of mind

by phdscam

Some scientists claim that they know universe’s size with better accuracy than their own house. And it’s also certainly the case that they don’t have the faintest clue where their career is going come next year, eg, funding may be cut and you will be out in your pyjamas looking for a job.

Hordes of PhD students suffer from the mental disease which tells them no matter how much time it takes, ‘PhD is a good idea’. There is zero good reason to pursue PhD even for those managing to get a faculty position. But then again, a PhD is an addict and a voluntary cheap slave to the academia. Cowardice is the biggest reason these seemingly smart young people don’t leave academia. No matter how much you spin it, a PhD student is poor and will likely stay poor for the rest of his/her life unless they he/she can wake up to the black hole of academia. PhD is a bridge to nowhere. After PhD, most lose their spines and become creepy-crawlies of academia with a silly title ‘postdoc’. PhD and postdocs aren’t fooling anyone, they are lost, seriously lost.