PhD: the bad decision game

by phdscam

Science and engineering PhDs have enough mathematical and logic prowess by the time they finish undergraduate. Almost all will do great careerwise if they started working for real world jobs, i.e, the ones that pay money and a reasonable career path. I have no clue what humanities students are doing, apparently being intentionally decided to be mathematics illiterate.  However, the mystery of the world enticed these bright young people to explore boundaries of knowledge which brought them all to the big Ponzi schemes and scams that’s called the academia. Academia tries and succeeds in brainwashing PhDs into believing that “what will be my career?” is a taboo that you better not touch. However, as after wasting seven to nine years in voluntary slavery you will realize that you should be asking about nothing but career. Surprise! All of us could catch a simple scam but academia is a very elaborate one – it insinuates that you can do great research, be on the forefront of human knowledge, which is largely a lie. Few top institutions and scientists do very few works that is worth mentioning, rest have published in second/third tier journals which means exactly zero.

The biggest waste is TIME. Being behind in career path and having no immediate job prospects only adds insult to injury. Feeling hostile to your scammer slavemaster supervisor is only natural. However, filled up with bile and rage doesn’t help, some eventually pick up the pieces and try making something out of themselves. However, probably more than half (anecdotal stories, real number aren’t probably far off) are just so tired and broken spirit they keep doing the lifelong slavery, next phase being postdoc. Postdoc fellow is a plain loser in every sense of the word “loser”, you are being a running joke and crazily lost. All because of a bad decision to pursue PhD. Bad things happen to good people, it will happen to 98% PhDs, 100% if you are reading this blog!

Thinking baboon