PhD: the motivation

by phdscam

The bizarre state of non-existent career after PhD hasn’t stopped aspiring young and foolishly determined students aspiring to do great research. Sadly, having delusion is more than bad for anyone in the long run. So, what motivates the bright students to do PhD? Clearly it’s not money (it should be). It’s “doing GREAT research” while you know nothing about “doing research” – what it means is that you will get to try out few junk ideas of your supervisor and you might be able to call yourself a “doctor” in 7 years time. “Doing research” is a vague and very poorly thought out motivation for 95% of PhDs that are able to finish the program. Like any plan must start with asking a few SIMPLE questions: 1_: how long does it take to finish? Most students think the 4 years “suggested” by graduate studies should be enough. Universities never publish what it actually takes to finish the program – which would be more relevant in deciding. 2_: How does EXACTLY PhD help you get a career? 95% PhDs wont be getting “assistant professorship” which every PhD almost invariably brainwashed to believe they should aspire for. 99% PhDs would feel at a disadvantage to get a real world job. 3_: Are you crazy enough not to ask these questions? Disturbingly, to answer these questions you don’t need to have masters degree. But if you DO ask these questions, be prepared to hear all sorts of dance and no actual answer from professors. Some “finished PhDs” might help you out BUT some of them have been so much brainwashed and brain-damaged that they might suggest PhD is a good idea without telling you why. Bottom line is, given your chance of failure at a half decent career in academia, you shouldn’t consider PhD, unless you are Einstein like genius (many sadly thinks themselves like that).