Doing a PhD already? What is awaiting you?

by phdscam

So, you are stubborn and you have started a PhD in one of the fields that are mildly relevant nowadays. And to be clear most of the PhDs are now irrelevant, except in few fresh fields, and in programs where one pays huge tuition fees (that alone should ring a big boom bell).  Now, what is awaiting you? Because maybe you have not done enough homework to look into this yourself, as you were busy just applying (just like shoot now and ask questions later). To sum it up: 5-10 years of painful grad school, and at least 6 years of postdocs are awaiting you.

You often hear about the times in university/college are the best days of your life…breaking news everyone, that is NOT meant for PhD. Maybe anything else applies including Masters but definitely not during a PhD. Here, you have to bang your head against the wall for long gruelling years to come up with something that gets approved by your advisor(s) and then you graduate. Most of that “something” is really useless, and nobody is going to read your thesis (especially yourself). You start a PhD out of passion (or desperation), but the topics the students end up working on are mostly done out of competition and chosen by your advisor(s). But, how about the passion/freedom to do what you want? hahaha, that was a good joke!

After these arduous years, you graduate! It would be such a relief after banging your head against the wall for years. A relief felt because you stopped banging your head against the wall, not because you enjoyed doing it. Shortly after, another episode starts: a postdoc. To contine….stay tuned.