PhD : delusions: part 2

by phdscam

Before PhD, I was naive and now, I am a smart researcher.

Before PhD, you didn’t know what a scam PhD is. Now you are a fraud, as you are trying to sell your expertise on junk PhD topics.

My colleagues are smart, that means I am good company.

Your colleagues are as smart as you are and all of them are researching on junk topics. Ask them how they see their career five years down the road, you get blank stare or some spin and “hope”, instead of a concrete actionable plan.

My expertise has potential to make me rich.

99.9% unlikely. Ask the losers that traded this path before. You will be paying mortgage till you die, assuming you can get one.

My invisible supervisor seems to come up with good ideas.

You don’t know what is good idea. Those ideas are just lazy musings of a slave (you) master.

Learning is fun.

Laziness is fun, it seems like you are getting free money. You are killing your career prospects as well.

My thesis is an important piece of work.

That is a carefully written spin and garbage. Most likely you haven’t found a thing of importance and now you have written made up things. It’s such a crappy work, that no love is lost when none reads the book.

Time well-spent in PhD.

You are deluding yourself. You have no marketable skills and you will have to learn new skills just for survival.