PhD – Doctor of Poverty

by phdscam

While research topics varies by far and wide, one common theme stands out, during and after PhD, the supposedly smart researchers are poor – money-wise. The wishful thinking that money/career doesn’t matter and penny-pinching lifestyle is a disgrace that should be dealt head on.

Have you ever tried to get a loan (other than student loan), get a mortgage for a house, from a bank? Most didn’t, those who did, must have known by now that banks don’t want you as a client – you simply don’t have the money – so take a hike.

If you knew how to get rich, will you? you should. Life is WAY too short to dream, you should plan instead. If academic research was a reasonable career for most, it would have made sense to pursue that path. Make no mistake, fantastic research results will come about with or without ‘smart’ PhDs. In fact, even if all the smart people left academia, others will fill the void of cheap academic labor. Smart people should have a career first and foremost – start up a company and pay peanuts to hire PhDs – who are used to getting peanuts.

Academia has pathetic made-up names for the slaves – such as “adjunct” professors – often “hired” for ZERO money or if paid, it’s on the tune of $20,000/Year, a graduate student pay. Many adjunct “professors” call sick the whole time if they are assigned classes – a pathetic gesture of “don’t care” where in reality he should just leave the hell and get a real job.