PhD: why do you want the job?

by phdscam

Is PhD a real job? It should be. You are asked to do a lot, grunt work, analysis and write a book. All these with almost little to no help from supervisor. How can he help if he is absent (to help) 90% time of the year. In a real job, an employee is required to collaborate  everyday of the year. Professor should be an employee too.

In a real job interview, you will be asked in detail why you want the job. You will have to explain how your background fits into the job description. Failing that, no hire. When you want to do a PhD, schools do look into your past academic record but not so much what motivates you to do the job. What schools will never say that your enthusiasm to do this research for peanuts is no way correlated with your enthusiasm four years down the road. Then again, why do you want to do PhD? To prove yourself smart? Society is benefited by services of smart people. But can you sell yourself for a particular skill in demand in society? If someone needs a plumber, it’s no good to say that you are smart PhD who can do the job as well.

Unless you are über genius when you get into PhD, don’t do a PhD. There are hordes of postdocs in market barely making a living and raising a family. Do a masters in engineering or business and you can laugh at the PhDs for their incompetence in making a good life decision.