PhD: the bottom lines

by phdscam

PhD is a long drawn out process, you wish you knew before getting in. After spending four years into the program, there is a sudden realization of time waste and bleak future, yet – many want to finish the program, aka the bottom line is “I want the degree”.  There is so much effort spent already that it feels wrong to get out at this stage. Many finish within next two years, some take it longer – highly unpredictable as professors like to keep the graduate students for peanuts. This is the cheapest (supposedly also smartest) labor you can get.

Is quitting an option? Although, considerable time has already been spent, there is no point in fighting for a worthless degree. PhD does not increase your income possibility and is rather a hindrance in getting a job. Forget about being rich! So, quitting should be ONLY option.

2+ years of misery doesn’t make you more knowledgeable, nor makes you smarter. At the end of the day, hardly anybody could give a damn about your degree or your smartness.  It would be far better for anyone to stop at Masters or be an entrepreneur. Are you already an en entrepreneur? hire some PhDs, you can get them for cheap!