Professors – the pimps of education

by phdscam

Have you wondered what university professors, many of whom supervise PhD student, actually do – broadly speaking? Much of the time in menial works like attending committee meeting, bickering about “lazy” students, some research and most importantly spreading misinformation (outright lies) like how important his/her research area is and how “talented students” have a lot to gain, in other words – pimping of education.

How to spot if a (tenured) professor is lying/pimping his own field? Look at his publications and the number of citations those have. You can weed out 90% of them this way.

There have been quite few studies, conclusively showing that PhD doesn’t increase your income possibility except for a few areas like few engineering disciplines and economics. Even when it does, its insignificant. Admittedly, you didn’t come to PhD to get rich – well – you have unwittingly damaged your career as well as you have just wasted 6+ years with no career value and will be severely demoralized after that. Everyone needs a career whether or not you want to get rich.

Professors will spin this too. Typically they don’t want to talk about career. Talks only about publications – most of them in junk journals. Once they do talk about career, start seeing their eyes getting shifty and boatloads of spins coming as to why is this research so important and why this will revolutionize the field and why there is an industry to be born in the near horizon.

Professors can keep doing this because they have no accountability with regards to students’ career. Moreover, they are careful only to spew garbage about their pet project only in their sympathetic crowds (5 other people who do the same research).