PhD – the incineration of dreams, morals and careers

by phdscam

We had a dream, to get a PhD, to do research, to contribute to society. Many have walked this path of a broken dream. Universities hand out PhDs to vast amount of smart students after crushing them for whatever time they please.

Most PhD projects are neither fun nor original, nor there is much scope for creativity. Professors often times spew misleading ideas to waste your time. The ideas you knew from the outset that probably were destined to fail.

After all the hard work to essentially write a thesis – which nobody will read – bleak future awaits PhDs. The very “special” expertise you acquired are no use in real world. Those expertise won’t get you jobs. You will be trying to convince your potential employers why you want to move out of academia – for which there is no good answer for.

The litany of lies spouting the “importance” of your particular research comes to a sad end. However, it takes time to sink in the feeling being lost. When it does sink in, you try to regain the energy (that you had 10 years ago) to fight for your new life.