PhD, the academic sweatshop

by phdscam

Vast numbers of PhDs are being trained, who are expected to find career in academia. Relentless delusions of available academic jobs (professors/scientists) are coming already tenured professors, who know full well that jobs are non-existent. Hypocrisy fits too, as an explanation.

Research is slightly different than “regular” jobs, as research involves toying with ideas and experiments – most of them fails. Of course being “genius” will help, however, most ideas/experiments fails, regardless of students’ or professor’s smartness. To get good results out of research, involves just plain dumb LUCK.

Professors have figured out that no particular “geniuses” are required and a very low pay seems to keep PhD students around for almost an unlimited amount of time for the degree. Such cheap is the labor that, academia is totally hooked on to it and professor makes all sorts of dance not to grant you PhD. There is ALWAYS more to explore but to keep students hostage is a devious and crooked idea – yet – universally practiced. So much for the “ivory tower” of academia.

Academic slavery does not prepare you for real jobs. PhDs wanting to get industry jobs are mostly considered ‘academic refugees’. PhD, for what its worth, is a bitter fight and a bitter disappointment (no jobs, wasted time, no useful skills, lost relationships).

Smart professors are there to prey on your naivety, NOT to help you finish your degree. It’s in your interest to call what PhD really is – a gigantic waste. You will be much better of pursuing a real career.