Postdoctoral Kamikaze

by phdscam

One could have only hoped that after the traumatic experience in PhD, 95% will choose the healthy option of getting out of academic slavery. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this may not be the case. Statistically maybe even half of PhDs continue to do PostDoc.

This is a disastrous statistics considering the academically smart people still haven’t got the message

There is NO jobs in academia even after multiple postdocs.

Tenure track only opens up when some faculty dies – which doesn’t happen too often. Postdoctoral may be sealing the fate of the people for “rest of life” academic slavery – without getting enough money to retire. If you want to do a “real” job outside academia, NONE will trust you that you really want the job – everyone will know for good reason that you are a refugee from academia – nobody wants you there. Plus you wont have any skill for the new job you are trying to get into.

Wake up from your 20 year fantasy of being some tenured faculty/researcher!


Killing your career in PostDoc

Killing your career in PostDoc