PhD? Frankly dear, nobody gives a damn about PhD!

by phdscam

Many PhDs fully live in the academic bubble of “important research”. Academic bubble also reinforces the wrong idea of being “smart”. In reality, completing a PhD takes patience and willingness to take abuse from supervisor for a prolonged period. And its a good question what do PhDs get out of it.

PhD means specialized research – very specialized, which means other than your laboratory/institute, there are two other places in the world that engages in these kind of non-sense projects and they are your ONLY potential employers. In academia, its all horse-trading. You go to work for the other institute and that institute’s PhD comes to work in your institute. With two/three potential employers, you have zero bargaining powers for the rest of your life, if you choose to have an academic career. This supposes, you shamelessly smooch up to every professor/adjunct (junk) faculties working in your area.

If you choose to leave academia and get a real job unrelated to your field, you will have a tough time selling your skills. Outside world isn’t really sure that you actually want the job and even if you want to, how do you claim skill in that? So interest and skill are not there at the same time. Your PhD makes you marginally smarter than the rest. Not only that, since you have little skill in the new job, you can’t employ your supposedly smart brain. In essence, last 6/7 years have been a gigantic loss.

Life is too short to engage in this sort of callous projects. Life skills are more important than just being academically smart. If you think quitting your PhD is hard, you will be surprised how hard it is to get a meaningful job after PhD.