PhD: You can’t handle the truth

by phdscam

May be you can. Here’s one article excerpt

Doing a PhD will break you. It’s pretty much designed to break you. Yes, even you, you who are brilliant (that almost goes without saying; it’s because you’re brilliant that you’re contemplating doing a PhD in the first place).

Vague open-ended research projects with little supervisory support is what any PhD student will get. You are just a cheap labor in the education mill. Official time for PhD is 4 years, which will end up being 7 years or more.

Living on a below poverty level salary is no glory and a PhD has wasted his few years of prime time in a big way and probably in student debt. Jobs are scarce and your skills are highly irrelevant. Moreover, many are dangerously deluded that academia is the only area they should care – which makes fighting for jobs even harder. Those that manage to end up in academia start running their own scams, by hiring cheap PhD labors.Digging yourself out of misery after finishing a PhD is excruciatingly painful. If you think your experience will be any different, you are either a fool or will soon win Nobel prize.