The case for simple logic

by phdscam

Most PhD students aren’t convinced by simple logic for ANYTHING – which seem to make sense. However, if logic for anything is complicated, we really haven’t understood them. Take evolution – for example – it’s a simple idea, animals compete for the resources and whichever animals are best does better in those circumstances.

What are the resources PhD students fighting for? Ultimately a career. If anything else is PhD student’s fancy, it will likely turn out to be a bad delusion.

So, does a PhD degree help get yourself a career? Another simple idea may help explain – supply and demand. PhDs are smart but there are hordes of them produced by universities without a career plan for any of its graduates. There are also hordes of PostDocs in career limbo. Most of them are doomed to live a life of low paid slavery. PhD programs never advertise how you can get a job at the end – because there is no  job. Academic market has been dead for quite some time. Positions only open up when some professor dies. In this day of good medicines, that doesn’t happen too often.

What about non-academic jobs? The tricks you were trained for are mostly useless in industry or even if they are useful, they don’t need a PhD for that. A bachelor would suffice. Why would someone hire an older person where young enthusiastic people are abound?

PhD essentially is a dead-end. This degree should go extinct because there is no good market for it. Wait… there IS a market for it – that is working at the bottom of the food chain. Enjoy!

PhD is a dead end!

PhD is a dead-end!