PhD – are students lazy?

by phdscam

This is an accusation leveled against PhD students MANY times during their studentship.

First thing to ask is how regularly professor/advisor shows up in the laboratory? Not so frequently. Why? – instruments are broken, not getting experimental materials, committee not approving experiments/papers or experiment/analysis is just simply not working – happens 95% of the time.

Research is time consuming and professor has the luxury of not showing up in the office/laboratory and the luxury of being hypocritically accuse you not being competent.

Many research areas these days are collaborative – which means even if you are an Olympic sprinter, it wont help you if your collaborators wont bother to / dont have the time to help you to some extent. In reality, time spent in PhD entirely depends on the supervisor. He would constantly criticize you (or may not praise) but would hardly ever fire a student – you can’t get any cheaper labor than this.

PhD in essence is a disastrous scam where the student is the victim. It is highly likely the professors are lazy, in addition to being gigantic hypocrite and an adversary to your interest in finishing up the program.

Who's lazy? Prof is. He is also hypocrite!

Who’s lazy? Prof is. He is also hypocrite!