PhD – meeting of crooked minds

by phdscam

All those PhD students that quit are “winners” (because they wont take abuse), all those who doggedly persued PhD are mostly “losers”. Tenured professors, having no accountability whatsoever, are tyrants and as a PhD student, there is nothing you can do to change his behavior. He can ask you for a moon landing before you are awarded PhD. Arbitrary high standard isn’t acceptable anywhere outside academia.

Most research (>95%) FAIL… rather badly. With failed research projects, your PhD is also a fail. But there is more failure than that, when you consider the big picture. If you are a 25 year old with a not-so-good PhD, you can pick yourself up and move on. However, most PhDs are 35 year olds with no money and no career. At 35 years, most professionals are established in their careers and have cars and homes. Lack of career may not hit you hard immediately, after all, you are likely traumatized after a long meaningless 6+ years and you can’t think clearly at the moment.

What is the point of PhD, then? Fun research? Hardly. This is a cheapest and smartest labor for professors. If you live long enough in academia, you “start to believe” that you “deserve” that paltry money while you slave away your youth for your abusive professor. There is a fantastic world outside of academia, where you can have a better life, less abuse and you can retire at some point. It may save you few yours of your precious time if you can convince yourself of futility of PhD without going through it.

Will you take the road? You are alone and there is nothing at the end.

Will you take the road? You are alone and there is nothing at the end.