PhD – till the end of lifetime

by phdscam

Voyager space probe surfs Solar System‘s edge, after 35 years and 18.5 billion km from Earth.

 An artist's impression of Voyager 1 as it passes across the Milky Way

An artist’s impression of Voyager 1 as it passes across the Milky Way

So, how that is relevant to your PhD? Many professors would like to keep their PhD students that long. Well, that may be an exaggeration, profs want students to keep “researching” for 10 years in PhD. Another 10 years for postdoc and another 10 years to do tenure track jobs (if you are lucky).

So… a man made probe can go the edge of our solar system in 30 or so years BUT a PhD student aspiring for academia wont have a permanent career in that time.

Another way to look at PhD is like a black hole (where time stops and gravity is so strong that even light can’t escape).

A PhD student is made to lose her sense of time and her sense of life and all it could offer her – just because she is doing a PhD.

You may have a sense of wonder but you wont have a decent career, statistically speaking. There is just no academic market. However, your professor will brainwash you to think it is the ONLY market you should care. In the words of famous physicist Wolfgang Pauli,

This is not even wrong!

If you made it to PhD, take heart, you are sufficiently smart and that’s why you should quit and engage in any occupation that has career progression and you can retire some day.

Life is beautiful outside PhD.