PhD – the nonchalant professors

by phdscam

“In some areas there is a huge demand for our PhD students,” says Dr. Farrar. However, “I believe there are other areas where we may be producing more PhD students than we need.

This is a classic example of garbage talk. Almost all universities and every disciplines producing countless PhDs who gets no jobs – not the jobs they were trained for. Many PhDs eventually manage to get jobs but for other “side skills” they developed being in school or learned something by himself.

Long completion times are costly – not only for students who accumulate debt and delay their entry into the job market, but for institutions, too.

Institutions are bunch of tyrant professors. They like to keep slaves (grad students) as long as possible.

“I am one of those people who strongly believes that students tend to take as long as their advisers want them to,” says Jay Doering, dean of graduate studies at the University of Manitoba and past president of the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies.

That was an exception. Professors are psychopathic hypocrites who would never tell you when you can write thesis. Official time to finish PhD is generally 4 years. In reality, finishing average is around 6.5 years. Hard to get much data on this, but you can talk to some PhDs how it goes.

For their part, graduate students are wary of speaking out about their personal experiences for fear that what they say could jeopardize their academic success.

Students are held hostage, plain and simple.