PhD professorial mythbusters

by phdscam

Professor says, “Student has to pass high standards in research“. What he means:

student is paid below minimum wage, below poverty line salary. PhD can be infinitely long and its good to have a cheap slave.

“PhD students contribute to advancement of knowledge”

Very few do (< 1%). For vast majority this was a waste of time while professor abuses your cheap labor to his useless research.

“You should be motivated to do research”

You would be utterly insane to waste 6+ years of your prime time in life to write a piece of junk book.

“You become a specialist in a PhD”

Specialist in junk – which nobody cares and no one wants to hire you.

“You will be an expert researcher”

Actual useful experience can not be obtained from irrelevant research.

“You might become famous”

There is statistically higher chance of you being hit by lightning.