Tenure track – Alleged Death Threats, a Hunger Strike, Killing

by phdscam

After PhD, many aspiring researchers go into tenure track

How is this procedure for the bright minds? Here’s one history

Mr. Walbridge, a 50-year-old associate professor, was accused of making death threats against the faculty members who opposed his bid for tenure. Campus police found no basis for the accusation, but nonetheless posted an officer outside the department’s office, in Goodbody Hall, during a tenure vote. Mr. Walbridge, in turn, accused his chairman of tampering with his dossier to make his case look bad. Then, this spring, with Mr. Walbridge’s tenure still in question, his wife staged a hunger strike in front of an administration building.

So, you are going to be 50-year old without a permanent job! Did you PhD pay off?

There’s more – even killing to get tenure!

The head of the technology-transfer office at the University of Alabama at Huntsville says he tried a week ago to reassure an anxious Amy Bishop that the biology professor, now accused of killing three colleagues, could keep working on potentially profitable inventions even if she lost her tenure bid.

The delusion to do great research and have a permanent job is a myth for 99% of the PhDs. Find something that pays real money without lot of servitude.

Being idiot and smart at the SAME time.

Being idiot and smart at the SAME time.