After PhD – The tenure-track trap!

by phdscam

There are some nice articles here.

As a visiting asst. professor I am contingent faculty. I depend on a yearly contract that may or may not be renewed at the end of the year. I teach a bigger load than my tenure-track colleagues, I am expected to publish just as much as they do – yet I am paid a lot less than they are.

Tenure track will soon be gone. All will be just replaced by short term contract teaching positions. These positions are called “adjunct” professor. More appropriate name is “junk” professor.

A big reason I was hoping for a tenure-track job – apart from the stability – was the raise in pay. I need it. I have bills to pay.

This means any smart student should figure out this trap and quit PhD and get into a real profession where your skills are valued.

Flip burgers instead!

Flip burgers instead!