PhD completion time = 6+ years?

by phdscam

There are some research about how long a PhD takes to finish.

It takes considerably longer today than 30 years ago to complete the PhD degree and only about half of all students who enter PhD programs in Canada actually complete.

Source of cheap naive labor is an attractive premise for universities. So, you do “great research” while getting paid “nada”.

The results of this survey indicate that the majority of deans do not maintain such statistics, that they tend to perceive that they have higher completion rates and shorter times-to-completion than other

Yes, the deans are intentionally blind about time to completion. No university like to admit that it takes an almost infinite amount of time to complete this almost useless degree – which destroys a good part of your youth and sets you back on career path.

Some universities have policies to set the “phd completion time clock” to zero after ten years. So a “two year PhD” actually took TWELVE years.

There is a Dalhousie university professor commentary here

PhD-completion delays are often a sign of supervisory problems.

At least one professor is honest. It is, always, without exception, 100% supervisor’s problem. Tenured advisor will delay a student’s PhD by considerable time because professor has money and is hooked onto cheap labor. While assistant professors will try to get her students finish as fast as possible because she has to show work to get tenure.

Even at the end of two/three years into PhD, it IS advisable to take a hard look into your PhD process to see if you trust your supervisor’s ‘good will’ that he will let you finish. “One more year” can be four or more. Lost income and career will wreck you beyond your recognition. You will be a shadow of your former self.

How much TIME to finish a PhD?

How much TIME to finish a PhD?