Science spend ‘vital for economy’ – need more PhDs?

by phdscam

Says, UK professor to BBC

Sir Paul Nurse, president of the Royal Society, said that depressing funding still further would damage the economy.

You have to ask “who’s economy?” It’s clearly for the low paid slave farms of academia, also known to produce hordes of PhDs.

“Science is the seedcorn of growth,” he told reporters. “You do not burn the seedcorn when you are in a difficult situation; you preserve it and that’s our message to government.”

Sweet talking doesn’t advance career. Cold hard fact about careers are worth paying attention to. A PhD will lose a few boy/girl friends as he/she can’t put up with a bleak future.

He cited the examples of MRI scanners, the novel drugs now based on monoclonal antibodies and the new DNA technologies being used for diagnosis – all UK developments that are saving lives and earning money for UK PLC.

Isn’t science so wonderful?!! Yes, it is. Few technologies bear fruit and vast majority fails. Your PhD is statistically highly likely to produce ‘insignificantly something’ (read “nothing”). What is your career after that? Life is not fair and there is no other career path where vast majority fails after so much work.

Dont get into a PhD. If you are already in, quit pretty fast. Even if you Einstein, you can make lot better outside academia. Academia doesn’t need many bright people. It needs many laboratory slaves for progress like “finding Higg’s Boson”.

Will you find "Higg's Boson"?

Will you find “Higg’s Boson”?