Genuine advice series: Feed your four cats [after a PhD]

by phdscam

Videos say thousands words!

Also a compiled list of what PhD “might” mean. Source

  • Patiently hoping for Degree
  • Piled higher and Deeper (after BS = Bullsh…, MS = More of the Same…)
  • Professorship? hah! Dream on!
  • Please hire. Desperate.
  • Pour him (or her) a Drink
  • Physiologically Deficient
  • Probably headed for Divorce
  • Pathetic-ally hopeless Dweeb
  • Probably heavily in Debt
  • Parents have Doubts
  • Professors had Doubts
  • Pheromone Deprived
  • Permanent head Damage
  • Pretty homely Dork
  • Potential heavy Drinker
  • Professional hamburger Dispenser….”Would you like fries with that?”
  • Pretty heavily Depressed
  • Prozac handouts Desired
  • Pretty heavy Diploma
  • Pathetic homeless Dreamer
  • Proudly half Dead
  • Phinally done!

Most PhDs are too ashamed to admit, what a train wreck just happened!