Fraudulent advice series: What is a PhD really worth?

by phdscam

This is the original article in 2011. Let’s dissect the advices from Peter Fiske.

An advanced degree doesn’t always bring the prospects it once did, says Peter Fiske. But scientists can learn from the travails of those with professional qualifications.

“Can learn” is all you can hope after 9/10 years of MS+PhD. Yet the author advises to do a PhD and then what? Long running scams usually have better taglines than that.

Many are blaming their graduate schools for promulgating misleading information about their job prospects.

Universities are either misleading or outright lying about job prospects for a LONG time. Add to that your advisor will never make promises in email but will talk in dinner table how great is PhD. Another brainwash fraud.

In the late 1980s, the US National Science Foundation and other groups spread the notion that a wave of retirement was about to sweep through academia, and that the academic job prospects for emerging PhDs had never been brighter. In fact, the economic assumptions that formed the basis of this prediction were erroneous, and no such wave of retirement took place.

National science foundation is itself in the ‘cheap labor’ hiring scheme. Many professors are still in that mindset of NSF’s opinion of 80s and many are just parroting.

….a high correlation between the overall ranking of a programme and the employment outcomes of its alumni.

Nobody disputes the cliché that “quality matters”. Actually, if you aren’t from Ivy league, it doesn’t matter what you did, you wont get a academic job – at least not one you will be marginally happy with. So close down the 90% “lower ranked” PhD factory then! Yes, save the naive aspiring graduate students who are about to ruin their 10 year prime time of their life.

Few academic programmes fully appreciate the true potential that PhD training can confer, or the breadth and depth of value that someone with a PhD can contribute to the world at large; universities often believe that academia is still the most valuable calling for their graduates.

More fraudulent advice! It wont matter if you cant get a job.

Graduate students and postdocs are in the best position to organize themselves and insist on such professional education as part of their training. After all, they stand to gain the most.

More bold faced fraud, but I guess, you already found that out!