Fraudelent advice series: Ed Wilson: Great Scientist ≠ Good at Math (and some more..)

by phdscam

Veteran biologist E.O. Wilson came up with these opinion in Wall street journal.  In Phdscam’s verdict many of his opinions are fraudulent and terribly misguiding for anyone aspiring a decent career.

During my decades of teaching biology at Harvard, I watched sadly as bright undergraduates turned away from the possibility of a scientific career, fearing that, without strong math skills, they would fail. This mistaken assumption has deprived science of an immeasurable amount of sorely needed talent. It has created a hemorrhage of brain power we need to stanch

What he is complaining about is shortage of cheap labor called PhD!  This soul crushing PhD process where your supervisor gets the chance to abuse your services for free for almost six to ten years is unconscionable but unstoppable.

More fraudulent advice from Prof. Wilson

Everyone sometimes daydreams like a scientist. Ramped up and disciplined, fantasies are the fountainhead of all creative thinking. Newton dreamed, Darwin dreamed, you dream. The images evoked are at first vague. They may shift in form and fade in and out. They grow a bit firmer when sketched as diagrams on pads of paper, and they take on life as real examples are sought and found.

The fun of doing professional science? You wont be doing that since very few academic positions exist and private sector dont want to hire you. You would be looking for work in a bank or something else after PhD.

Prof E.O. Wilson’s ted talk is also full of advocacy for cheap labor.

“The world needs you, badly,” begins celebrated biologist E.O. Wilson in his letter to a young scientist. Previewing his upcoming book, he gives advice collected from a lifetime of experience — reminding us that wonder and creativity are the center of the scientific life. (Filmed at TEDMED.)