Should You Get a Ph.D.?, Yes If your Crazy!

by phdscam

Foreign policy’s Daniel Drezner says you will be crazy to do a PhD. Phdscam’s own verdict is that it’s probably suicidal to take this PhD route.

It takes a long time, and there’s a decent chance you won’t even finish. The numbers aren’t pretty. If you’re getting a Ph.D. in the social sciences, there’s only a 41 percent chance you will finish in seven years.

Yes, absolutely horrendous amount of time it takes to finish. How long was yours?

The Ph.D. can be a soul-crushing experience, draining a person of all the passion they felt about a topic and replacing it with fury at something called “methods.” If you finish, great. If you don’t, well, the waters of bitterness can run very deep

EVEN If you FINISH, the waters of bitterness can run very deep!

The socialization pressures are immense. Why do you want to get a Ph.D.? On second thought, it doesn’t really matter. By the time you are a few years into your program, you’ll have forgotten why you started and instead you’ll be brainwashed into the belief that the only thing to do with a Ph.D. is to become a tenure-track professor. The socialization that takes place in a Ph.D. program is both totalizing and powerful. I’ve known people who got great private-sector jobs out of grad school, jobs that paid four times the salary of a typical academic position, and yet feel like they’ve let everyone down. That’s pretty f***ed up. It also leads to the next reason:

You can see the self-serving hypocrisy in that reason, right?

The job market is brutal. The academic job market has been abysmal for as long as I can remember, but things have only gotten worse recently. Just click here and make sure that there are no children in the room, because the numbers are so horrific they should be rated NC-17. If you’re not going to a top 20 school in your field, well, those numbers are even worse

Leave PhD right now! Do yourself a favor!