Physics Prof. at Washington Univ.: Don’t become a scientist

by phdscam

Quit your PhD, now!

You want to be like him…forget it

Professor J.I. Katz’s article says it all… avoid a PhD. If you are doing a PhD, your options will be severely limited of what you can accomplish in your career. Here are some of the main points of the article:

American science no longer offers a reasonable career path. If you go to graduate school in science it is in the expectation of spending your working life doing scientific research, using your ingenuity and curiosity to solve important and interesting problems. You will almost certainly be disappointed, probably when it is too late to choose another career.

Makes total sense doesn’t it? If not, ask a person who just finished PhD.

American universities train roughly twice as many Ph.D.s as there are jobs for them.

Probably LOT more today.

…general cheapening of scientific labor means that even the most talented stay on the postdoctoral treadmill for a very long time

Yes sir, you as a PhD is that cheap.

The first thing for any young person (which means anyone who does not have a permanent job in science) to do is to pursue another career. This will spare you the misery of disappointed expectations.

It is more than expectation, it is more lin ke betrayal of trust, for so long, these smart professors didn’t tell you anything about the nonexistent job market.

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